Financial Management Services Offered

Starting up your Business in Germany at the Heart of Europe.

Full-service support for establishing and managing your Subsidiary / Company or alternatively for setting up your outsourced dedicated Sales, Purchasing or R&D Office in Germany

Dedicated office / desk for Sales, Purchasing and R&D with staff
Establish Sales or Purchasing Office with dedicated staff in Germany
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  • Support in incorporating your German legal entity
  • Set up your dedicated sales, R&D or purchasing office or desk with staff
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • exclusively working for you in Germany
  • Accounts Receivable Management / Credit Management
  • Funding Advisory / Treasury / Risk Management
  • Controlling (e.g. reporting local GAAP / US GAAP, budget, forecast, deviation actual vs. plan,costing, price calculation, SOX, internal control)
  • Restructuring / Performance Increase
  • M&A/Company Succession (SME) with complete lifecyle service (acquisition, postmerger integration, continous operations) for international investors
  • On Demand Part-time / Startup / Virtual CFO Services in Germany (currently active for several startups)
part-time CFO Germany
A part-time CFO can manage your German subsidiary or company

Why should I hire an on demand virtual CFO?

With a part-time CFO – also called virtual or Startup CFO – you get the expertise of an experienced CFO, but you do not have to pay him full-time, which means it costs less for you. He provides flexible “on demand” highly added value CFO services (e.g. in case of insufficient capacity, crisis management or for complex projects). You pay only as per use on an hourly basis. And you do not have a long-term financial obligation/commitment as the contract can be cancelled anytime. Furthermore, a tech startup or SME in a difficult situation can improve its survival chance by relying on his professional advice and financial expertise. Finally, it increases the confidence of potential investors and/or banks. He is unbiased, impartial as well as objective, which is especially relevant e.g. during restructuring or during a post merger integration following an M&A deal. Final decision making for critical decisions is always with the owner / Managing Director, the part-time CFO will just advise him on the possible options from a prudent business perspective.

When and for what purpose should startups hire a part-time CFO?

Q&A with Kirsty Nathoo, CFO of Y Combinator, which is the leading accelerator globally

Kirsty Nathoo answering the question when a startup should hire a part-time CFO

What is the difference between a CFO and a Tax Advisor / CPA? 

“One of the most common misconceptions that many companies have is
that they believe a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
[insert: in Germany called “Wirtschaftsprüfer” or “Steuerberater”]
can provide them with the same assistance as a CFO. …
the CPA is not competent to provide you with advice on your

financial strategy because of their limited viewpoint. Since the specialization
of a CPA is in tax law, they can only provide you with advice from this
perspective. They generally do not have a broad enough range of experience
in areas such as corporate finance and operations to be able to give you the
best strategic advice on achieving a business’ medium- and long-term goals.”
Source: Kyle Brennan, from the book “Startup CFO”

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