Investing in German Startups

Starting up your Business in Germany at the Heart of Europe.

Here are some startups which are principally interested in qualified investors.

General note of caution: Investing in startups is very risky. It is estimated that up to 90% of all startups fail. This represents not a public offer.

novapace in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt) is developing a sensory insole with haptic feedback for people with Parkinson. In Germany alone there are about 300,000 people with this condition. Also people effected by a stroke could benefit. The insole should reduce the risk of falling when walking for them.

Poligy is developing a revolutionary low cost heat to power device based on its patented bipolymer technology. It is located in Düsseldorf.
(AAAgiler is acting as part-time CFO for Poligy.)

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