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On Demand part-time CFO for
international Tech Startups and Companies in Germany

Part-time CFO / Controller for international startups and companies in Germany


Globally experienced, broadly skilled Senior Financial Manager

More than 17 years of international management experience (in Asia and Americas) in finance and operations at leading DAX/NASDAQ-listed and family-owned industrial companies (chemicals, automotive suppliers, luxury goods and sensors). Job roles included CFO (abbreviation for “Chief Financial Officer”, who is responsible for all financial aspects and financial management of a company) and Head of Finance and Controlling.

Studied Business Administration at leading German (University of Cologne) and Asian business schools (NTU Singapore and IIM Ahmedabad, India), graduated with an M.Sc. in Management from HHL (Germany’s leading business school for Entrepreneurship), Certified Accountant (CCI), Payroll Expert (CCI), Certified Bank Clerk (CCI) and Advanced Management Programme (IIM Bangalore at the heart of the Indian IT Industry).

Martin Thoele (Parallel Founder and Managing Director)

CV available on request.

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Located at the “City of Science” in the Heart of Europe: Darmstadt

Our office is located “within” the “Telekom City”, which is Deutsche Telekom’s second largest site globally and which is by revenue the largest European telecommunications provider, in Darmstadt. Darmstadt has been frequently ranked as one of the best tech and digital hubs in Germany as well as in Europe. This is because Darmstadt hosts esa’s space operating centre, the EUR 2.5 billion FAIR international accelerator facility under construction and the world’s oldest pharmaceutical company, which is Merck. Furthermore three universities with 40,000 students and three Fraunhofer institutes are located here. Together with the nearby cities like Karlsruhe and Frankfurt the Rhine Main Neckar region is the leading deep tech region in Germany as well as in Europe. So one can find here not only many innovators, leading (technical) universities as well world class research institutes, but also many potential (industrial) users/customers for innovations here. Furthermore Frankfurt Airport, one of the largest airports in Europe, is only a 20 minutes drive away. To reach Frankfurt City with its banks and international financial institutions including the European Central Bank takes only 30 minutes by car.


AAAgiler graduated from Y Combinator’s Startup School after ten weeks on September 28, 2019. The Startup School is a mix of weekly online sessions (two lectures each with themes specifically relevant to startups) also available on Youtube, a regular performance self review plus a weekly group session with about four other startups each. Y Combinator has the experience of founding over 2,000 startups since 2005. In this year, 30,000 startups with almost 42,000 founders took part. The best lecture as per my opinion has been “Advice for Hard-tech and Biotech Founders” by Jared Friedmann, because he shows how to get funding despite high hurdles, especially for deep tech startups. The programm is free of charge and only to be recommended!

On September 17, 2019 AAAgiler attended the AHEAD Bootcamp N°3 of Fraunhofer Venture in Munich. Of the about 28 Fraunhofer tech startups being present there, six were from Darmstadt (more than from any other city in Germany) reinforcing the city’s position as the hidden champion of the tech hubs. The quality of the business ideas and technologies presented was very impressive, however the main problem as for most deep tech startups is available funding even for game / world changing ideas, which I regard as a severe political failure. Available public funding options are too low and slow (it takes upto 12 months for a decision) as a typical deep tech startup requires about EUR 1 million to launch its first product. Private venture captial, who normally do not understand deep tech as they are often not technical people, prefers easy to understand / “low risk” investment into B2C startups with a short-time to break even.

On September 6, 2019 AAAgiler has joined 5-HT / the Digital Hub in Mannheim / Ludwigshafen, which is focused on Chemistry and Health startups, as a mentor. “The de:hub initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy links up corporates, startups, investment partners and research institutions at twelve centres of excellence across Germany.” Among the key sponsors of 5-HT are BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer which is headquartered in Mannheim and nearby SAP. It is one of the leading accelerator programs for digital chemistry / health startups globally. About half of the startups come from abroad.

Poligy, a startup with a revolutionary technology based on bipolymers to convert heat into power located in Duesseldorf, is in the process to issue digital participation rights capital in co-operation with Startplatz in Cologne and Cashlink. AAAgiler is acting as part-time CFO for Poligy. On June 11, 2019 an article was published in Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

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Mentor and part-time CFO for Startups
Mentor and part-time CFO for Startups

On June 13, 2019 Wissensfabrik organized a speed mentoring event at HUB 31 in Darmstadt with startups and leading corporates like BASF, Bosch, Commerzbank and LBBW. This gave startups a unique customized mentoring and feedback opportunity. AAAgiler was also one of the mentors. Empirical evidence suggests that mentoring can have very substantial impact on the performance and success rate of startups. The immediate feedback given from the participants as shown in the picture shown was very positive. E.g. the main points were that the speed mentoring was inspiring and informative.

On May 15, 2019 AAAgiler was at the round table „German and Israeli innovation – how to connect the best of two worlds“  organized by the Bertelsmann Stiftung / Founders Foundation in Bielefeld.

AAAgiler supported QualityLine for the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart in May 2019. Quality Line is a late stage startup from Israel and has developed a highly advanced manufacturing analytics / quality software. Its key advantage is the AI interface. The AI interface can “read” and analyze data from any source and in any format in production (e.g. ERP systems, sensors, machine controls, end of line testers) in real-time and worldwide. This is especially relevant as many companies still operate legacy IT systems in production, which are normally very difficult to extract data from. More than 1000 different data sources across the globe have been already successfully integrated. Implementation for a medium sized production plant takes only a few weeks. Only technical requirement is that the production data is available on servers or in a cloud.

Financial [Management] Services Offered


  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Funding Advisory / Treasury / Risk Management
  • Controlling (e,g budget, forecast, deviation actual vs. plan,costing, price calculatio)
  • M&A/Company Succession (SME) with complete lifecyle service (acquisition, postmerger integration, continous operations) for international investors
  • On Demand Part-time / Startup / Virtual CFO Services in Germany (currently active for several startups)

Your part-time Chief Financial Officer / Finance Manager / Controller for your startup, company or international subsidiary in Germany

Why should I hire an on demand virtual CFO?

With a part-time CFO – also called virtual or Startup CFO – you get the competence of an experienced CFO, but you do not have to pay him full-time. You pay only as per use on an hourly basis. And you do not have a long-term financial obligation/commitment as the contract can be cancelled anytime. Furthermore, a tech startup can improve its survival chance by relying on the professional advise and financial expertise. Finally, it increases the confidence of potential investors. Final decision making for critical decisions is always with the owner / Managing Director, the part-time CFO will just advise him on the possible options from a prudent business perspective.

When and for what purpose should startups hire a part-time CFO?
Q&A with Kirsty Nathoo, CFO of Y Combinator, which is the leading accelerator globally

Kirsty Nathoo answering the question when a startup should hire a part-time CFO

What is the role of a virtual Chief Financial Officer on a part-time basis? What does a CFO do in a startup / company? What is the difference between a CFO and a Tax Advisor / CPA? 

“One of the most common misconceptions that many companies have is
that they believe a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
[insert: in Germany called “Wirtschaftsprüfer” or “Steuerberater”]
can provide them with the same assistance as a CFO. …
the CPA is not competent to provide you with advice on your

financial strategy because of their limited viewpoint. Since the specialization
of a CPA is in tax law, they can only provide you with advice from this
perspective. They generally do not have a broad enough range of experience
in areas such as corporate finance and operations to be able to give you the
best strategic advice on achieving a business’ medium- and long-term goals.”
Source: Kyle Brennan, from the book “Startup CFO”

Benefit from our broad industry experience across many companies and gain from our fresh new view on your business. Drive your growth and profitability with our strategic perspective and professional expertise.

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